Rebranding - Helm

I’m rebranding Twytch! First the name: Twytch was a little too similar to the video streaming service ‘Twitch’ and so after playing around with some logos and names I’ve decided on ‘Helm’. It conveys control, a common theme in synthesizers, it’s short and easy to remember, and I can’t find other software that uses the name except for an emacs plugin.

The other part is a new icon/logo. Graphic design is something I spend a lot of time on but doesn’t come natural to me. After many hours I think I have a logo I’m happy with. Here’s the development in reverse chronological order.

I think it’s more cute than cool and I’m good with that:

Helm Logo 6

Got to ‘helmet’ stage, but didn’t like the shadows and square nose:

Helm Logo 5

Flipped it, it’s almost a helmet and less of a plug:

Helm Logo 4

I like the cuts of the yellow circle being align with the blue circle:

Helm Logo 3

Getting away from that phallic design:

Helm Logo 2

Trying a different flat, bold, outline style:

Helm Logo 1

First design, it’s supposed to be a plug. Pretty phallic though:

Helm Logo 0